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Wine Enthusiast and Euro Cave are proud to introduce the First Ever True Wine Cellar with Beverage Center.

The bottom zone cools your favorite beers, sodas and more.

Or, turn the bottom zone into a chilling compartment exclusively for white/sparkling wines.

This revolutionary and innovative new design allows you to store and age your prized wine collection as well as keep all of your other favorite beverages; such as craft beer, spirits, water, soda and juice chilled at the proper serving temperature all in one sleek cellar.

This Premiere Wine Cellar with Beverage Center has an insulated compartment separation shelf that divides the unit into two independent temperature controlled sections.

The removable grid allows you to store all of your favorite bottles and cans on one convenient shelf area.

MDS Adjustable Shelving System Main du Sommelier ("Hand of the Sommelier") shelving features 12 adjustable "hands" that cradle your bottles individually and securely, just as a restaurant sommelier would.

This Wine/Beverage Center comes equipped with 7 MDS Rolling shelves, this super durable separation shelf which doubles as a bulk storage shelf and can hold more than 5 cases of wine, as well as a moveable grid for convenient can or bottle storage in the chilling compartment.

With advanced features such as precise temperature setting capability, increased overall energy efficiency and nearly silent decibel levels, this Premiere cellar has everything you would expect from Euro Cave.

If you have any of these non "standard" Bordeaux size bottles in your collection, your capacity can be lower than what we state the unit can hold.

Here is our rule of thumb: If up to half of your collection consists of non-standard Bordeaux-size bottles, your maximum capacity may be reduced by 20-25%.

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