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Prior to Holiday Pirates, Christoph hold various international management positions within the tourism and media industry such as Travelzoo, and Hubert Burda Media.Today, he leads the overall Operations for the Holiday Pirates and develops further international partnerships for the group.Founded in 2011, Holiday Pirates represents one of the fastest-growing online travel companies in Europe.

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We proudly present: Our pirate crew, the Holiday Pirates Group!200 mateys aboard the ship, 33 different nationalities, 6 locations worldwide and so many adventures ahead! David was appointed COO of Holiday Pirates in 2014 before assuming the role of CEO in 2016.As CMO of Holiday Pirates Group, Dominik leads all things Marketing, including the award winning Social Media team.He joined the company in December 2015 as VP of Marketing and commenced his role as CMO in January 2018.Prior to working at Holiday Pirates, Dominik led the marketing teams for Unister Travel Gmb H (,, etc.) as CMO and was responsible for all on- and offline marketing activities. There he consulted the global top players in the travel industry on their digital marketing strategy.

As CTO of Holiday Pirates Group, Chris oversees the Product Development, Technology and SEO teams.

To satisfy our customers and offer them a unique value proposition tailored to their needs, we constantly develop and expand our product portfolio.

Not only do we search innumerable websites for cheap flights, hotels and travel packages, we also look for vouchers, bus and train deals.

Holiday Pirates has spread not only in Germany but also in Austria, France, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Switzerland, the UK and the United States.

The company currently employs around 180 crew members, 120 are based in Berlin Headquarters.

'We like to thank you for your professional and individual support with our training program Champions of Freshness.